We Care About Your Life’s Important Decisions​

Guiding Canadians to Invest in themselves and make Life Decisions for Building Up their Career, Job Search and Managing Finances(Personal and Business).

With Expert Mentorship along with Modern Decision making Techniques, people achieve Career Success along with Mental Satisfaction. 

We are building a Community of Like minded people, who after achieving success, also strongly  believe in “Pay It Forward Approach” and are willing to serve the Community.




years of combined
work experience

To help you achieve your Career and Financial Goals, Emotional Satisfaction & Pay it Forward to Community.

Who We Are

Why join VAC?

We are building a Community of like minded people who are:

Our Programs

Canadian Banking Mentorship

This program provides detailed knowledge on 4 Pillars (Departments) of Banking : Retail Banking, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Investment Banking, Business Banking with assistance in Resume building, Brand building and Mock Interview (Behavioral Questions). 

Personal Finance

This program enables you to plan day to day Finances, building Credit History, knowing Investment Options  (TFSA, RRSP) and budgeting for New Home (Mortgage), Buying Vehicle and others. 

Business Finance

This program is specially designed for Entrepreneurs that need assistance in managing funds for improving current and future Business Plans, Financial Projections, Working Capital and Cash Flow, Loans and Equity Injections.

Community Service

We being a Social Enterprise, believe in self-less service for the community. We make people succeed by developing their skills so that they also make a difference in people’s life by “Pay it Forward Approach”. 

Our Clients

Our Visionaries (Mentees/Members) in Canada rely on VAC to land their dream jobs within 90 days.
We make it happen

How does it work?

Make Informed Life Decisions

We help in enhancing your ability to make difficult decisions and take appropriate actions in Career, Finance, Business or Community Service using Modern Decision making techniques.

Expert Mentorship

Industry Experts provide you Practical Knowledge, Build Confidence and establish an Achievable Plan to thrive in Canada.

Achieve Financial Goals & Mental Satisfaction

Managing SMART Goals based on individual capabilities. Feel that sense of Satisfaction by Paying It Forward.


What Our Mentees
say about us

Our Services

We are a Legal Registered Social Enterprise

  • We offer flexible Canadian Banking Mentorship Programs that can make you succeed.
  • VAC Discovery Meeting with Mentors (Free)


    / monthly

    Canadian Banking Career Guidance (Group Meeting - every Wednesday 6:30pm to 7:30pm)
    • Learn about
    • 1. Canadian Banking Industry and Impact of COVID-19 and Recession.
    • 2. Canadian Work Culture change.
    • 3. Overview about 4 Departments / Pillars of Canadian Banking Industry - Retail, AML, Investment & Business Banking.
    • 4. Importance of Brand Building & Networking with purpose.
    • 5. Career & Job Search Guidance.
    • 6. Resume Building and Interview Preparation.
    • 1st 5 Participants will receive 30 secs fame to Introduce themselves & Ask a Live Question to Mentors.
    • Importance of Mentorship
    • Industry Experts Volunteering to help the Community & Paying it Forward.

    VAC Canadian Banking Mentorship Program



    / monthly

    Private Community of Visionaries (Members) Friends for Life.
    • In-Depth Domain Knowledge in 4 Departments / Pillars of Canadian Banking Industry - Retail, AML, Investment & Business Banking.
    • Full Mentorship Program for 1 month (Starts every Monday)
    • Consider Job Search as a Project.
    • Exclusive Access to VAC Career Success Strategy - Ready to Refer Notes.
    • Brand Building, Resume Building, LinkedIn Strategies and Mock Interview.
    • Access to 1 on 1 Customized Mentorship meetings.
    • Acquire Practical Knowledge of your desired Department & Role.
    • Access to VisionTech Platform - Recordings. (Learn at your own pace).
    • Network with Like Minded Professionals who believe in Paying it Forward and help each other.
    • Get an opportunity to Volunteer at VAC and add Canadian Experience in your Resume.
    • Learn about different Canadian Banking Certifications.
    • When you are successful help 1 or more people to become successful in Canada
    • * $299 + HST Tax 13% + processing fees = $359.59.
    • OR
    • If you are in Financial stress select “VAC Pay it Forward Program" Free to Join VAC Canadian Banking Mentorship Program. When you get your Job (1st paycheck) you promise to proactively pay $360 ($299+Tax 13%) + Sponsor 1 person for $360 by e-transfer to visionaryadvisory@gmail.com

    Disclaimer: Visionary Advisory Community is not a placement firm and does not promise you a job. Chief Mentors reserve the right to end Mentee relationship in case of any violations. ​