Visionary Advisory Community helping
Canadians make Life Decisions.


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Visionary Advisory Community helping Canadians make Life Decisions. Provide Advice to Make Life Decisions on your Career, Personal Finance, Business Owner Finance and Community Service.

Happy to help you make Life Decisions, Achieve Mental Satisfaction & Give Back to your own Community by providing Expert Mentorship, Modern Decision making Techniques and Technology.

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1. Willing to Invest in themselves and Take Action

2. Job Search is a Project : Receive Advice, Support and Guidance from Industry Experts

3. Help people when possible within your means (Pay it Forward)

4. Love and Respect your Senior Parents and your Spouses

5. Support Local Business Communities

6. Give back to the Community and People who helped you

7. Make New Friends and Grow your Network

8. Making Life Decisions to Achieve Success and Internal Satisfaction

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1. This platform is for finance enthusiasts and professionals to thrive in our mentoring and seek expert advice in securing your dream role in banking industry.


2. Tap into this wealth of experience to thrive in our mentoring and fuel your dream job in banking sector.


3. Path to career success is usually a bumpy one. Just imagine how easier life is going to be, having an industry expert available anytime to guide you professionally.

Our VAC Mentors are Apurva Talsania and Ruzaan Karwa. Please check more on About Us page.

Please check here for more details: VAC Mentorship Services.

For more information, please connect with Gurkirat Duggal, VAC Community Development Manager – LinkedIn :